What Gets Lost

What Gets Lost

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In recent conversations with friends and acquaintances, the topic has often turned to how overwhelmed and rushed we all feel these days. It’s almost as if benevolent old Father Time has morphed into a sneering caricature of a thief who is intent on stealing our precious moments from us. We rush from one moment to the next trying to make choose what to do next.

While this sounds like a bad thing, maybe not. What if we just willingly give up those things that no longer serve us? Release the trivial things, the annoying patterns, the thoughtless habits accumulated over a lifetime, the painfully constrictive conventions of others? What if we could keep the jeweled moments of family time, the solitary, introspective slices of our day and the warm spaces we fill with close friends? Would that create a new and more expressive kind of time?

what gets lost

What Gets Lost

I once attended a family gathering where I took photos of my cousin tossing his brother’s son on his lap, of his wife when she didn’t notice I was there. I recorded my uncle as he turned 70 years old and served his birthday cake to us all. These moments were fleeting, but valuable to me.

One month later, as I was transferring photos from my camera to storage to make more room, a glitch caused me to lose those and many more photos. Clearing space. What got lost? I don’t even know. The images themselves are floating as specks of electrons in the ether, maybe to coalesce at some distant place, maybe not. I can see some of them though, right now, frozen in time.

What did NOT get lost? The time spent with family, the memories held, and the ability to create more of the same. The choice to be there was, for me, more important than any of the other choices I could have made on that day. I lost nothing.

Each day I can choose what I let Father Time take, or rather what I give to him, willingly and with a smile. I will keep just enough, I will keep the golden plenty and be gracious, and expand time to the boundaries of my universe. Time is not my nemesis, but my mentor, teaching me focus and gratitude and enlarging the boundaries of my existence.

In making our choices today, consider what gets lost.

About Gayle

Gayle Nielsen is a Master Transpersonal Hypnotherapist with advanced training in the areas of Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives and Sleep Deprivation. She is a Matrix Energetics® Certified Practitioner, a Kundalini Reiki Master and a Blue Belt certified Nia instructor. She has also been ordained a Priest after the Order of Melchizedek and occasionally officiates at weddings and other celebrations of spirit.

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