What is Hypnosis?

While there is no consensus on what hypnosis actually is, a useful working description may be “a state in which the mind’s critical factor is set aside so that suggestions for change may be directly communicated to the subconscious”.


What is Hypnosis Used for?

Hypnosis has been successfully used to help people with the following:
– Pain management (chronic & acute) (research on hypnosis & chronic pain)
– Smoking cessation
Weight release
– Fears & phobias
– Addictions & habits
–  Motivation
– Creative inspiration & writer’s block
– Sports performance
– Academic enhancement
– Self-confidence
– Stress relief/relaxation
…and much more.

**  It is not uncommon to hear the terms “mindfulness meditation/practice”, “progressive relaxation” or “Autogenics”  used interchangeably when searching for effective solutions to any of the above problems. These are techniques which employ hypnotic methods to accomplish the goal of creating positive change.

Want to learn more? – Listen to an interview with me on hypnosis on WDRT 91.1 radio.


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