Life is like an album

Life is like an album…

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That’s right, an album. Remember those? Not a CD, or an MP3. An album – with some songs on it, made up of a bunch of concentric grooves on a piece of vinyl.

To hear the music, the disc turns and the needle touches the disc. What happens next is magic. Well, maybe not so much magic, but that’s because we take for granted the wonders of technology. One hundred years ago, this was magic.

The needle wears a groove in the most-played tunes and leaves others untouched. The needle picks up the notes and relays the analog information to the rest of the system for amplification and output.  Putting it all together creates a joyful listening experience. Well, it can.

life is like an album

Life is Like an Album

So, how is that like life?

Life goes around too, in patterns, maybe circles sometimes, and we are the needle, touching the songs we wish to play, skipping over the ones we don’t like so much, or have heard too often. The grooves get deeper on our favorite songs. Scratches accumulate on the surface which degrades the listening experience or keeps bouncing the needle over and over on the few notes. But we don’t notice. The song is playing in our head now, and no longer on the record player. On some level, each of us has chosen our album and each day we decide which songs we will play.

Have you ever wondered why some lives are different than others? Why do some love the music and others don’t?

Maybe it’s the needle. A higher quality needle is worth the investment. Cleaning the dust from the needle periodically will allow clearer sound. Maybe it’s dirt on the album. Maybe it’s the rest of the system creating muddy music. If there is a disconnect between any of the components, the music can’t be heard at all.

Or maybe the needle has gotten stuck in that well-worn groove and can’t move on. And you don’t notice. So you continue listening, though you can’t stand the song anymore.

So, dust off the album, clean the needle and upgrade the system. And, if all else fails, get a new album. If you liked the old one, fine, get it again. But know that we can choose a whole new experience and get out of that deep groove by buying a new and different album. Catch the music.

We choose. That’s the magic!

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Gayle Nielsen is a Master Transpersonal Hypnotherapist with advanced training in the areas of Past Life Regression, Life Between Lives and Sleep Deprivation. She is a Matrix Energetics® Certified Practitioner, a Kundalini Reiki Master and a Blue Belt certified Nia instructor. She has also been ordained a Priest after the Order of Melchizedek and occasionally officiates at weddings and other celebrations of spirit.

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